I was born in Derry Northern Ireland on 14th July 1960. Studied Sculpture in Belfast from 1979_1984. Moved to London in 1984 where I worked at various jobs until I moved back to Derry in 2009.


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Most of the works on this site were made when I lived in London plus some really old things I made in Belfast.

The older works can be seen on the white pages of the site It is by no means inclusive of all the art that I made, lots were made and destroyed without any kind of documentation and exist only as sketches or notes. Some of the work that was documented now only exists in this form, (badly photographed slides) the original works have been lost, stolen, or destroyed, to tell the truth I do not know.

Other works, displayed on backgrounds have been made since 2002. The photographic nature of these works prompted me to make this web site.


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  [first made in 1999, originally a piece of writing. The new form was easy to accept because of the way the writing fitted on one side of an a4 sheet of paper, leaving the front or back (what ever you prefer) a perfect title space. The secondary title makes reference to turning and numerating (a tachometer "sic") something I wanted to emphasise as you held the page in your hands, to cause any action to assume more consequence, render it.
Shown at the Foundry, (a bar in Old Street, London.) in 1999.

A.4. or Rev-Counter at the Foundry comprised of four coloured photocopys of a painted and handwritten a4 sheet, in a plastic laminate. The tranches then were left on tables. At the end of six weeks only three were left.

There has been private single page designs and a four page group design of "A.4. or Rev-Counter" they have not been publicly exhibited.


Seven composites, about activities, concerns and preoccupations. based on a series of drawings made for "Crazy Love" shown at the Tram Depot (London) 1998.

Shown at the Foundry February 2010

  Cracked from a series of continuing composites, take your choice from the small images. These are only gif images and do not fully reflect the depth of the colours that can represented in the original large photographic prints, each image represents a one off original print from the on going series. For more images from the Natural Selections series please contact me.

  On these pages are collection of mostly old works. They import traces of an almost forgotten coast.







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